October 4, 2010



I love reading your blog! I'd really like to hear your suggestions and take on statement pieces and flair (like hats) that make one stand out without looking foolish.

- Vanessa 
sister|brother reader

Thanks, Vanessa, for the inquiry. Since we've done a few posts on accessorizing (glovesamazing jewelry, shoes) already, I'm going to narrow this down to the lingering piece de resistance, the hat

So, sounds to us like you're a girl in need of a little fashion encouragement. Consider this our special boost of fashion bravoure. The hat can be troublesome for many reasons, most commonly because people tend to choose hats that are either misshapen or too little/big for their heads. If you have a larger head, you should opt for a hat that makes your head look smaller, not bigger. Same theory applies on your top as it does on your bottom. Unless, of course, you're brave enough to sport this season's fur trapper runway hat (we suggest you don't). 

Fur Trapper Hat-- Fall/Winter 2011 Runway Trend
Find a hat that fits you well (you should always try it on before buying or at least have the option of returning) and one that frames your face well. Someone with a longer face can wear a wider-brimmed fedora hat, a beanie/skull cap or what I like to call a jewelry cap-- a hat that sits on your head like an ornament and serves no real purpose other than looking cute-- like a soft and adjustable beret. Those with smaller faces (round or heart-shaped) have a bit more flexibility and can pull off a smaller fedora or newsboy or if you must, a trapper hat. 

Anthropologie Newsboy Cap, $42 

The best way to wear a hat without looking too contrived is to minimalize your look below. Your attire should be simple or at least less accessorized than your norm. The point of a hat is to show you have a little extra somethin' in your pocket of fashion tricks. If the rest of your body has more flair than say my daughter's Halloween costume (she believes more is more), then you probably should tone it down a bit. Hats look best with a layered look. After all, their original purpose was to keep your head warm in the colder months. So, pair it with a cabled, cozy sweater and some bell bottom jeans or a lovely dress and tights. Don't forget a hat can save you on a bad hair day in a snap. Trust me. I'm a pro.

Try this snuggly DVF Tuto Hat,  $165 at Shopbop

My personal favorite Bop Basics Felt Crusher Hat, $78 buy HERE

Malene Birger, Gouet Slouchy (fedora) Hat, $150 buy at Shopbop
If the above looks aren't cutting it, there's always the beret. The beret is my favorite next to the floppy fedora. So chic and perfect for the holidays. Men, you can do it, too. Giorgio Armani featured berets on all of his male models in his Fall 2010 show. 

Navy Beret with Red Patent Bow, Buy HERE
Giorgio Armani Fall 2010 Runway
So, Vanessa, the next time you channel Tim Gunn and question whether you can "make it work," of course you can. Hats off to you, girl!

- sister

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