September 29, 2010



Not only is Brian Atwood pretty easy on the eyes (he's a former model), he's a Versace-trained shoe designer. In 2001, Atwood launched his own line and well, has been slaying his competitors with his unique creations, specifically his maniac pump, ever since. Atwood's shoes have reached awe-inspiring status from the hipster Hollywood crowd and it's no wonder why. They are maniacally beautiful.

Brooding Brian Atwood

My next shoe purchase, without a doubt, will be his Donna patent nude, closed-toe pumps. How can you not want this shoe with its contrasting black heel scalloped and precisely detailed? Perhaps you'd choose his black patent with sweet black bows that adorn its 5.5" platform pumps? Did I mention that they're comfortable regardless of their towering skyscraper heel? Of course, there is always his rhinestone-encrusted Balletto platform sandals for the bold and the beautiful. You know who you are. You can find his shoes at Netaporter or Saks Fifth Avenue. It's no wonder his best selling shoe is called maniac. These bad boys bring on a whole new level of crazy and by crazy, I mean crazy good. 
Brian Atwood Drama Patent-Leather Pump, $660 Available at Netaporter

Balleto Platform Sandal, $2,085
Above Left: Donna Black Patent Bow Tie Brian Atwood Pump, $720; Above Right: Kim Kardashian wearing the champagne colored Maniac Pump, $580.

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