September 29, 2010


Welcomes Guest Writer Lauren Silva

It’s no secret that I am in love with vintage ANYTHING but now more than ever you should be too. Walk through any retail store or boutique these days and you will see how inspired designers are by past eras. Charlie’s Angels and the Mod Squad are exploding all over the runway and we couldn’t be more excited! A few trends to look for: 

This year it seems that the “Annie Hall” in all of us should make her debut. Diane Keaton, ala Annie Hall made menswear fashionable and sexy for women: trousers, tweed blazers, ties, oxfords, etc. In fact, Ralph Lauren himself worked with the movie on costume design. Coco Chanel took men’s chunky knit sweaters and tuxedo shirts and wore them in a time when it was a fashion no-no. She was so ahead of the times. Don’t be afraid to buy big. Put a belt on it or take it to a tailor, either way not everything has to be suctioned to your body.

If menswear isn’t for you, have no fear, sequins, shift dresses, and cigarette pants from the “swinging 60’s” are still in your future. I can’t help but picture Audrey Hepburn in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” in that amazing black dress. Funk it up a little with some chunky necklaces or studded booties and you can be the modern day Audrey.   

Vintage and thrift shops, and many places online are stocked with incredible pieces.  Right now I’m seeing amazing trench coats, tweed blazers, fringe vests, mock turtleneck dresses, riding boots, and amazing accessories both on the runway and in these stores. There’s something so thrilling about finding that perfect vintage piece, especially a designer vintage piece. It’s one of a kind and you can always mix it up with something new. It also takes a little creativity and gives you a chance to put a spin on new fashion.

Some places to find great vintage:
Cuffs Urban Apperal

- sister|brother

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