September 28, 2010



While shopping for clients and hunting down a black tie ensemble for myself in Los Angeles this past week, I couldn't help but find myself stylistically harassed by the latest trend in fashion, asymmetrical design. Here's what you need to know about me... I am drawn to eclectic sometimes fugly clothing. Clothing that isn't necessarily sexy or pretty. I much prefer to show off my art and since I can't paint or sew, my art is to dress and dress uniquely. Asymmetrical design this season has become my muse.

Gucci Fall 2010 Runway, Blue Harem Pant

My comfort zone is encompassed by avant garde, slightly off-putting clothing. I like to push the fashion envelope, resurrecting the Alexander Wang dress I own that has unusually uneven draping around the neckline or sporting what my brother likes to refer to as the diaper pant (more appropriately dubbed the harem pant). I like the unpredictability and the patchy, disproportionate personality of the harem pant. The fact that it isn't a skin tight pant and that it droops in an area that makes most people slightly uncomfortable. Asymmetry makes people look twice and sometimes provokes questions like, "Did they forget to hem that portion of the dress?" Or, "Did you realize that pant has no crotch?" It's humorous and entertaining and worth it just for conversation alone. Nevermind that I like that it adds depth and fashion cred to an otherwise boring look.

Above: Tibi Harem Pant, $320; Below: ACNE Davi Skinny Harem Leather Pant, $1160 buy at Shopbop

That being said, this trend is obviously not for everyone. One must accept the schizophrenic nature of this type of design and embrace it. If you can't, don't try it. Every designer is taking a crack at this trend... some more talented than others. Below is a portfolio of examples of asymmetry perfected. Everything from the asymmetrical mini dress to the one shoulder jumper. Are you willing to challenge your fashion balance? You decide.



Louis Vuitton
- sister

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