September 28, 2010



Howie and I met this summer when I was in search of a good quality simple cotton belt that I wanted to wear with shorts and jeans. I looked everywhere and couldn’t seem to find the craftsmanship in the leather that I was hoping for at any of my old favorites. I’m a monogamist when it comes to accessories like shoes, belts and watches. Rather than have dozens of options in multiple styles, I tend to favor one dress watch, one sport watch, one dress shoe in brown and black and one pair of sneakers etc. I wear the chosen piece until it’s worn and then move on to a new relationship. In the end, I favor quality and simplicity over trendy. When my internet hunt brought me to London based Howies, I knew that an affair had started. Howie’s is one of few UK-based companies that will ship to the US and as it turns out, they make practically everything and beautifully. In short, Howie’s is relationship worthy.

Below are a few of their latest greatest. Spend over 100 Pounds and get your shipping covered. I know! You can’t go wrong with their casual sportswear. Let’s keep this one between us ok?

- brother

The perfect Belt 

For The Brothers:

For The Sisters:

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