September 27, 2010



The original Hunter Wellington Boot

If you think I'm going to sludge through the rain without these, you are wrong... so very wrong. Sure, it might seem pathetically high-maintenance of me to purchase a pair of crocodile Jimmy Choo Hunter rain boots. Perhaps you are right (I'm not too proud to call a spade a spade). That being said and regardless of my fashion vanity, this shoe's actual and real practicality trumps all the haters no matter how reasonable.  You see, Hunter Wellington Boots are known far and wide as the BEST rain boot out there. Durable, strong, comfortable, did I mention water-proof (duh!)??? AND, well, seriously cute.
Jimmy Choo Hunter Wellington Crocodile Boot, $425 at Nordstrom
1817 was the year the Wellington first made its appearance. Arthur Wellesley, the first Duke of Wellington, instructed his shoemaker to modify the 18th century boot. The resulting new boot was hard-wearing for battle yet comfortable for the evening. Though the boot was originally made of leather, it has since changed to a more versatile rubber, making it the go-to rain boot of fashion forward stalwarts throughout the world. 

Get them for your man, yourself and your kids. They might seem pricey, but you'll have them forever. This is certainly an investment piece and a practical one at that. Throw on a pair of wool Hunter Welly cable cuff socks in leopard or cream (I just sent an email to the manufacturer asking if they would consider making them in cashmere. I'll let you know!) and your rainy day look is complete. They are amazingly cute. Try them on at Nordstrom or REI here in town or order them online just about everywhere. 

Get them for your kid in PUMPKIN, $75 buy HERE

Original Hunter Gloss Welly Boot in Navy (my personal favorite shade) $125 buy at Zappos

Hunter Welly Leopard Sock to be worn under boot, $40 buy HERE
Hunter Wellington Lace-Up Boot, $129.95 buy HERE

The Hunter Welly Boot takes "singing in the rain" to a whole new style level.

- sister

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