October 1, 2010



One needn't be a superhero to sport a cape like one. Unless, of course, by superhero you mean one who fights fashion travesties. No, this look is for the fashionista who longs for something different. Layering in the colder months allows for some flexibility with your outerwear. Put on this season's turtleneck and layer with a cape and you've already taken a big step outside of the box.

Fall 2010 Capes/Capelets/Cloaks

Fall 2010 Gothic Capes and Cloaks

The cape/capelet is outerwear that typically hangs above the waist (capelet) or mid-length (cape) and has slits for your arms and opens at the front. A full-length cape would be considered a cloak, though they're all born of the same mother. If a full-length or mid-length version of this trend is too cumbersome, try a stole (the abbreviated product of the capelet), which pairs perfectly with a cocktail dress or a pair of jeans.

Fall 2010 Runway Shots, Stoles

I love this look because it keeps you warm while still giving your arms and hands a much needed break from burly overcoats and sweaters. Depending on the material (wools and cashmeres can get warm), simply throw the cape on and keep it on all day. Treat this look like you would a blazer or a cardigan. Heavier, draped styles of this trend will be less flexible, but still tres chic. 

Above: Ports 1961 Cape Jacket, $1,390 buy at Shopbop;
Below: Mary Savel Wool Cloak, $268 at Otteny
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