March 10, 2011



Givenchy's latest runway show, Fall 2011, left very little to the imagination. Tisci's goal of starting this collection with a roar was taken to all sorts of literal when the first model stomped out to a panther's roar, donning a midnight blue panther pencil skirt and sweater set. At first sight, I thought, "Wow, not so much." But then again, if I start with that thought, my mind usually ends in a very happy place. We all know how much I love the fugly and the unconventional. This collection is somewhat reminiscent of the 1980s in its design, but utterly modern and sleekly futuristic in its choice of materials and prints. Think panthers, hula girls, multicolored floral wreaths and tiny floral prints of bright greens, cobalt blues and lavender. Monochromatic black suiting with mesh nylon fits its way into the collection, as well, and somehow it all makes sense.

Is that a leather ballerina skirt with a mesh overhang? It is. The styling is so futuristic on these looks, I find myself giggling... and totally in a good way.

Seriously? A hula girl? Leave it to Tisci to knock it out with velour and Hawaiian bombshells. To die for.

Givenchy has always had my heart, but Tisci's collection roars of all sorts of fabulousness. I'm not the only one who has noticed (duh), Tisci is off to replace Galliano at Dior. J'adore Dior and j'adore Tisci. Bonne Chance! Not that you'll need it.

- sister

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