March 10, 2011


ha - look at Bendy's face. classic. 


With Spring upon us it's time to get out of the confines of the stinky gym and actually play around in the mud a bit. Whether you play a game of football, soccer or just take a few laps around McKinley park - you best be looking your best. You never know who you'll run into right? 

While there are so many designers offering active and athletic wear, the kid in me still loves to put on the gear that the pros do. As a self respecting gay however, I can't be wearing a basketball jersey or a football jersey. Frankly, no one should wear basketball or football jerseys unless actually participating in the sport itself. For the modern gay, such an occurrence would be unspeakable. 

With that very important point in mind, when it comes to fashion the sport to look at is obviously Soccer. To achieve that sporty sexiness that exudes players from all over the globe like Ronaldo, Kaka and others - there is one holy grail of soccer gear worth perusing - The Eurosport Catalogue. I prefer to mix and match brands looking more at the style and colors of the garments. Never mix and match teams. You don't want to end up looking more like the water boy for Real Madrid than one of Beckham's mates on the field. So go ahead and get in touch with your inner kid. Below are some of my faves for a little inspiration. 

- brother

Adidas Adicore IV IN $89.99

Adidas Trio Training Pant $44.99

Adidas Sereno II Presentation Suit $69.99

Puma Italia LIGA Medium Bag $31.49

Nike Brasil Travel Polo $24.99

Umbro England Long Sleeve Home Shirt $84.99

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