February 28, 2011



The Oscars are always one of my fave fashion nights. Actors and actresses turn it out and turn their fashion bravado way up. The heavens open up and fashion angels fly down to earth with styling teams and billions of dollars worth of heavily insured baubles and haute couture. It is, without a doubt, the fashion manna to believers like me. Never mind that our hosts this year were horribly uninteresting and surprisingly unhip despite their youth and good looks. 

I did love Annie Hathaway's Smorgasbord of gowns, however, and her megawatt smile. Girlfriend has charm and glam wrapped into one. She can't help it if James Franco popped one two many Xanax, can she? He's still hot. 

Gwynnie didn't sound as good as she did at the Grammy's, but we still heart her. The nude gold-embellished dress made me forget you and your atrocious flat tone tonight for just a moment. Lord only knows what JHud was thinking after she introduced GP. Prob something like this, "B*, stop trying to sing. It took me a failed trip to American Idol, a star role on Dream Girls, a Jenny Craig contract and apparently a killer taffeta gown in orange to make it as a vocalist... And they still didn't ask me to sing! Stop it with your triple threat bullshit already. We aren't tone deaf." her red carpet dress was much more impressive than her performance gown, but she really never looks bad. 

Cate Blanchett looked like a dream in her modern off-white stone- lined gown. 

Hilary Swank needed a necklace, some earrings and less weight training. I'm joking, sort of... 

Oprah came on stage dressed like a metallic Xena, Princess Warrior of talk shows. Girlfriend needs a stylist upheaval stat, but when you're that rich, does it really matter what you look like? 

Camila Alves looked dramatic and stunningly perfect and Brazilian because we all know being Brazilian helps. 

Mila Kunis glowed in lilac and lace, despite my mother's disapproval and I quote, "is that a bra?!" no, mom, it's part of her dress and that's what we do now- show off our gifts. Say what you will... 

Sandra Bullock. Red dress, red lips and red hot talent. Mama is hands down one of the greats. Recognize.

- sister

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