February 28, 2011



Who are we kidding? This may be a man's world but when it comes to Oscar fashion it's all about the ladies. As per usual the leading men of hollywood showed up to the red carpet looking dapper as always in  tuxedos of varying styles. Thin and trim bow ties were popular as well as satin shawl collars. Navy trim and even collars made an appearance several times, putting to rest the notion that you cannot where black with blue. You can, but you have to do it right. Case in point, the one stand out loser of the night, the obnoxious albeit occasionally funny Russell Brand:

Navy and black were mixed heavily this year, but this shirt choice was just too much. I know it's Mark Jacobs, but he looks like a bruise. The hair is also a mess. There is enough grease in that mop to deep fry a turkey. Also, those pants. Bunches and bunches, no oats. bad. 

Aside from Russell, I think everyone did pretty well. Have a look. When you are as handsome as these people are, I have to believe they could have shown up in just about anything and still knocked it out of the park. 

- brother

Andrew Garfield in the youthful look of the night, one button jacket, satin shawl collar and a slim and simple bow tie. Perfect. The best of the social network.

Jesse Eisenberg in Band of Outsiders going a bit more casual with the slim tie and a peak lapel. Nice but I prefer a traditional tux for oscar night. Love the cap toe shoe though. 

The third combination of the Tom Ford tuxedo, Timberlake looks fantastic again in a one button jacket with peak lapel and satin bow tie. 

Christian Bale and Mark Whalberg. CB looks great in black on black. The shape of his tux is very modern and slim and the satin sheen of his shawl lapel helped to create texture in this otherwise muted ensemble. The beard on the other hand looks like shit. Sorry, no other way to say it.  Marky looked sharp as always in the classic three button tux (the third is hidden under the lapel). 

Darren Aronofsky finally left the house without his signature scarf in favor of what appears to be a rented double breasted tux,  a cartoonish bow tie and a seventies porn mustache. This years creepiest movie (white swan) by the red carpet's creepiest film maker. 

High Jackman showing the boys how to rock a double breasted tux like a man. Loving the charcoal color and the high fold. Well done. 

Javier bardem opting for a vest and tie combo. This western style works great on a latin man...deliberately unshaven and still somehow cool. 

Mark Ruffalo added flare with a pocket square and a turquoise lapel pin. 

Obsessed with both of these people. Eccentric, crazy- fantastic. Those glasses are great. His suit fits well. The skinny tie is youthful without going too far and the glasses are mad scientist chic. LOVE. 

Robert Downey and costar Jude Law (not pictured) both looked fantastic in Navy tuxedos. The satin tape trim is a great modern take on a formal look. While the white on white shirt and tie combo gets lost in photographs, the combination looked amazing on air. Always be conscious of white when you're being photographed!

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