February 1, 2011


(Image from Details)


I remember the first suit I ever owned. My mom bought it for me for my eigth grade graduation. It was a black Alfani 4 button suit. The thing was cut for a linebacker - broad shoulders, cut long in the seat - it was mafia chic at its finest. Had I worn it today I would look comical, but in its day, the "money suit" was all the rage. Over time we saw 3 buttons reduced to 4, the silhouettes still a bit boxy, but modernizing. In the early 2000's two button became the rage as the skinny suit took control and Thom Browne began pushing the envelop of length. Now, as Paris and Milan have come and gone, it appears that two is simply too many and one is the new symbol of fun. Michael Bastian is quoted in the February issue of details saying "Of all the button options that exist for a jacket, the one button is the most modern. It always looks the sharpest - plus it takes all the guesswork out of which button to fasten." I think MB is correct in his assessment. As a man who wears a suit every day, I believe in formal wear that is both functional and streamlined. If I don't need the extra button, I don't want it. I love that suit style is becoming more sleek, with the shape of the garment coming closer to the body and arm holes located higher and tighter. What this means is that I can be as mobile in my suit as I would be in a pair of slacks and a button up. Papa needs to move! I personally think the one button fitted trend is one that will stick around for a long time. Even if we see the return of shoulder pads and mid length jackets, clothes that fit well will never go out of style. The image above features looks from 1. John Varvatos 2. Ermenegildo Zegna 3. Michael Bastian and 4. Dolce & Gabbana.  Below are a few more inspirations for you to peruse. If you haven't narrowed your wardrobe down to one - I suggest you try it out. As always, get a suit that fits. If you are bigger guy, consult an honest sales person regarding fit and proportion. 

- brother

John Varvatos $398.00

Small pic - sorry. McQueen at Barneys $1,475.00

Versace Pinstripe suit $995.00 at Neiman Marcus

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