February 1, 2011



I walked in on a Monday afternoon, looking for something to wear to an event... in two hours. Vanessa Lopez, dressed in a black and white striped t shirt with high-waisted shorts, tights and some killer shoes, impressed me right off the bat. She seemed like a girl with some serious fashion cred. I liked that she had this uber tiny space packed to the ceiling with outrageously cool clothes. Stuff you don't always see in Sacramento. And wait, as I perused hurriedly, knowing I had to be coiffed and dressed in now less than 54 minutes, I began to notice something... price tags. They were all inexplicably low. This stuff was uber cool, well-made and fashion-forward and would cost me less than 50 bucks?! Sold to the girl with a penchant for finding the most expensive item (without fail) in any given store. I mean, really. Could it be? I'm here to tell you, it can... at Heart Boutique.

Here are some of her amazing pieces in stock now. If you haven't been by, it's definitely worth a trip or two or three. Vanessa just got back from a shopping trip in Los Angeles and has stocked up on all that is haute for Spring.

Heart Boutique is now 5 months old and going strong with popular lines like Lush, Tulle clothing, Lucy Love, Ya La, Fith Culture and Keds. In honor of Valentine's day, starting on February 7th, Heart Boutique will celebrate "the 7 days of heart" that will include different activities and discounts daily leading up to a fabulous Valentine's Day Party Sunday, February 13th from 11am-4pm where customers can enjoy mimosas and brunch while they shop. 

Let's all come together and support our local retailers. Have some heart and shop at Heart Boutique. You'll leave with a bag full of goodies and a wallet that might even have some cash left in it when you're done. Ah, my heart is singing. ;)

- sister

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