January 3, 2011



I love my pajamas. The ones that are blended with a soft cashmere and go on like butter. I have often been tempted to wear them out, especially on a particularly cold or dreary day, but usually come to my senses - okay, maybe the senses have been lost once or twice, but I digress. This problem is no longer, friends. Spring 2011 is ushering in a rather unexpected trend...

Enter: Pajama Rama Nation. A trend that allows you to wear loose-fitting silks, satins or lace that drapes in such a way that has a loungey, pajama feel, but just enough street appeal (literally and figuratively) to make it appropriate for daywear. 

I've seen variations of this trend I love and others that I wholeheartedly despise. For instance, anything in a sheer cotton print that looks like something Grandpa could wear to bed is most likely not a flavor I'd like to taste (see exhibit A and B, far left and far right in picture above). I think to pull this look off you have to have a combination of proportions. Drapey is good. A harem pant or a palazzo pant with a drapey vest in a thick silk or a cropped, drawstring pant with a Victorian lace blouse are all acceptable and qualify as pajama chic. You will find this trend hitting the stores around Springtime, as displayed on all of the Spring 2011 runways.


Throw on a stiletto sandal or an open toe bootie to complete your look. Sure, not everyone can perfect this look and just like every trend, it should be handled with a subjective eye. So, if you're shaped like a box and you need a cinched waist, please skip this trend altogether. It will never look good on you. I've got nothin' but love for you, though. I just speak the truth. Some trends are better left, well, in bed.

- sister

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