December 31, 2010



We're used to people ripping off Elvis' perfect poof of stark black silk and long severe side burns - that is nothing new. Everyone from Chris Isaac to Adam Lambert has done and overdone the look. What artists have been doing for years is essentially putting on a costume. The look is interesting and nostalgic, but it has by no means been anything new. To be a modern boy as of the last decade has meant to do that stupid quasi faux hawk spiky boy hair thing that frankly just doesn't cut it past your skate boarding days. New hair rules for 2011 will quickly be leaning toward the structured and clean feel of the 1950's - but with an intentionally severe shot of Post-Palin Punk. That's right, I said it - Post Palin Punk. What is that exactly? 

Turn on the TV today and you will be hard pressed not to find some angry conservative imbecile shoving their closed minded opinions down the throats of the masses. It's been going on for a few years now and frankly - the kids are pissed. All those twenty-somethings, the one's that made history and elected Barrack Obama, who demand equal rights for all of their friends and even those they don't like so much, well, in 2011 - the kids will be back louder, meaner and ready to take no prisoners.  It's time to stand up to the loud mouths and send them all back to their moose lodges! In any revolt or revolution, the style changes to reflect it. My prediction for 2011 is a drastic swing to all things militant, military and severe. I don't think we will leave the vintage wash of our culture that has taken place in the last decade completely, but will create this new neuvo-vintage-punk thing that you can expect to see everywhere. The first hint of this is in the powerfully distinct military pomp trend. 

The look is military because of the super - almost razor short sides. It is vintage with it's exaggerated tuft of hair extending from the crown and pushed loosely back. To make the look wearable and a lot more modern, I have been asking my stylist to thin out my hair significantly and to cut the ends at varying lengths, staggering the shape and giving a sharper edge and look to the style.  It is a style that allows well for those of you that need to transition from conservative environments to more rebellious states. I slick mine back from 9 to 5 and let the flock of seagulls soar after hours. Expect more drastic versions of this style and others in 2011. The kids won't be messing around this year. 

Already showing up at SXSW this year

More subtle version of the same idea

Pomp in disguise - for those of us that have to work for a living

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