January 3, 2011

2011 - WHAT'S NEXT?


2010 was a year about looking backward, trying on your dad's old sweaters and cuffing them jeans like you're headed to the sock hop. To say that the vintage-isation of America came on strong last year is to put it mildly. So now, with all these cool - sturdy - ahem, Old looking clothes in our closets - the question is, what's next?

If you ask me, the answer is exaggeration. I don't think that classic American style is going anywhere, but what I do foresee happening in the months to come is a smart futuristic exaggeration of the styles we're already rocking. Think peacoats with big sweeping angular collars, over the top pressed and dark denim creased down the middle to a point and patterned oversized sweaters shoved beneath 1950's inspired leather jackets. Americans in general tend to do this high def style concept a bit too costumey, which is why design houses everywhere will be looking to our friends from the East to inspire the next big fashion movement with their signature japanese literal and playful POP culture. 

The recent Fall/Winter look book put out by Japanese retailer Tokishirazu featuring styles from various cutting edge japanese designers seems to illustrate our point to a T. Their look is classic American sportswear inspired with a certain zoomed in and amped up twist. It's Tommy H meets Mad Max. Get these styles HERE.  

- brother

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