November 2, 2010



Alright already - we get it, looking like Paul Bunyon is not only a trend in men's fashion this year, it is all but everywhere. Manly, strong, get outside and do it yourself looking clothes are replacing the sleek, metro city-fied looks of the last five years. I guess we can attribute this change to one or both of two things - 1. women don't want to kiss men that wear lip gloss 2. Men are tired of trimming their chest hair. Whatever it is that has inspired this change, we here at sisbro are pretty pleased with the re-emergence of man. With virtually every designer offering their versions of this American Classic look, often at gasp inspiring prices, we had to wonder, what have the REAL lumberjacks been buying all these years? They certainly couldn't have been buying the John Varvatos workmen boots I've been salivating over. After a little research, and actually asking some friends who more honestly fit the bill (I'm a little more poodle than basset hound if we're telling the truth ;) - and was unanimously told - WOOLRICH.  

I'm not going to pretend that I even knew what Woolrich was, but as I started to search their online catalogue I began to realize why the real deal macho men were shopping there. First, the quality of the product is top notch. Item's are almost universally lined, double and triple stitched, reinforced and just generally made well and made to last. Second, the styles are simple, clean and fitted. When working outside you don't want a ton of extra fabric - conveniently for those of us who only want to look like we chop wood, the fitted form of their sportswear helps accentuate all that work we put in at the gym. Finally and equally as importantly, their prices are fair and affordable. When you are trying to look down to earth, what could be more true to character than paying what something is worth, and nothing more. Check out these designer worthy duds below and head to their site HERE for more. 

- Brother

Lined Stag Jacket $169.00

Buffalo Check Flannel - $49.00

Two Tone Henley - $39.00

Nubuck Leather Trilby - $75.00

Lexington Cardigan w/ reinforced elbow - $169.00

Reinforced Eagle Fork Vest - $69.00

Lakewood Reversible Throw - $135.00 (just 'cause it's cool)

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