November 2, 2010



About a year ago, I was in for my usual... a mani/pedi by my nail guru Christine. She looked at me then down at my chipped, battered nails and said, "I have a new product for you that you are going to loooove." I looked at her thinking surely it was some expensive top coat that would make all sorts of unrequited promises none of which would hold up to my rigorous and daily hand washing ritual. I'm not wrong often (ha), but boy was I ever that day...

Christine: "It's a gel."
Me: "As in fake nails?"
Christine: "No, it paints on. Just like a polish and it's totally safe for your nails."
Me: "How long does it last?"
Christine: "2 weeks."
Me: (Insert expletives of joy) "Sold."

Axxium OPI Gel Set.

Post-removal of gels. Nails are strong and healthy. 
That was it. I've been doing it ever since. With more than 30 OPI nail polish colors to choose from, OPI Axxium Gel is really the only choice for the habitual mani/pedi goer. Sure, it's a bit more expensive than a traditional manicure at $50 for a full set and $40 for a fill (you can get it on your toes, too), but it lasts at least two weeks, which will in turn save you dough. It's not thick and fake looking either. Just paints on your nail like a polish (think three solid, heavy coats) and has a shine that would make Barbara Streisand jealous. Plus, after a few short seconds under a UV light box, you're dry and free to rummage through your purse for your car keys. When you're ready to have the polish removed, you go back to the salon where they use acetone and cotton balls with tin foil to remove the polish and your nail is as strong and beautiful as before. No filing, no damage. I'm for real here, people. 

One week old OPI Gel Polish.
Go see Christine at Salon Cuvee Thursday, Friday 9 AM to 8 PM and Saturday 8 PM to 6 PM and receive 20% off of the bottle of polish. Like you needed an excuse to go! Call her now at 916-452-4600.

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