October 5, 2010



It's really quite simple. There is no better dress shirt in this world than the Brooks Brothers Non-Iron Dress Shirt. As a man who wears a suit and tie every single day and has done so for many years, I can tell you that while I have found acceptable versions, each shirt I have ever owned has had it's issues. My previous shirts, ranging in price and designer have collectively been too short, not durable for regular wear, easily wrinkled, awkward in the collar, too boxy or too slim in fit and dictated somewhat ridiculously by the neck size.  Proper dress shirts should be sized for your collar and your arm length and should come in body options like slim, regular and extra room. Unfortunately in America, most dress shirts are designed for Hefty Hank from middle america, too big and too blousy. When buying a dress shirt, if it merely is sized small medium or large, or even just by the neck size, beware - this is a one-size fits all cut. 

Brooks Brothers is one of the finest menswear stores around, and what they have done with the dress shirt is nothing short of a miracle. First off, the shirts have been treated with a formula that literally gives them memory. NO WRINKLES. This is not a ploy, they really are wrinkle free. I wash my shirts in the machine and pull them out immediately after drying. For regular wear, no ironing is needed. For the truly particular, a quick swipe of the iron and the shirt is perfection. They have also tackled many of the usual problems with their fits. I wear the slim fit non iron in an Ainsley collar as the chest is 5" trimmer in the chest and waist and has a Yoke that is 1 3/4" deep at center back. No more shirts coming untucked! I could go on and on about these shirts, but you simply have to just buy one. Right now you can get them online HERE 3 for $199.00. They are 100% worth the money. I would suggest however that you visit a Brooks Brothers store and get fitted for the right size for your body. 

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