October 7, 2010



So, I've seen it advertised on television and in fashion magazines and wondered, could it be that great? I have not tried it myself... YET... but I'm curious. Curious enough that I created a membership and now get daily updates from Rent the Runway. Creators, Jennifer Hyman (brunette) and Jennifer Fleiss (blonde), stumbled upon a real need while carousing over cocktails at Harvard Business School. They wondered how they could get haute couture, high-priced fashion into the hands of the not so rich. Beautiful fashion should be available to all. Amen, sisters! Thanks to RTR you, too, can step it up by renting yourself a bad ass dress for your special event. In this economy, RTR is a welcome addition to our fashion addiction and it really doesn't come any easier.

So, here's how it works... You enter the date of your event, along with your zip code and size. The website then automatically brings up available, designer items that meet your criteria. They even have on-site stylists, but you don't need them when you have us! :) Once you've selected your item and accessories, you select a date 1-2 days before your event. They will mail it to you and even send a back-up size or a different design for an additional $25. After your event, you simply mail the dress back in a pre-paid return envelope (!) the day after it was worn and RTR handles the dry cleaning for you! It really sounds too good to be true, right? Wrong. If you're skeptical, read their testimonials.

Lela Rose, $1,295; Rental Price $150

Ciner, Old Hollywood Bracelet, $440; Rental Price $65

Herve Leger Color Me Bad Dress, $2,250; Rental Price $200
I've quoted Coco Chanel in previous posts because she speaks the truth, "A fashion is not a fashion if it doesn't reach the streets."

Thank you, RTR, for offering us access to the back door of the bright and bold world of designer fashion.

- sister

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