October 6, 2010



If you aren't familiar with B-Flow as I like to call him, the man is ridiculously good. Best known as the frontman for the epic band The Killers, he has broken out this year on his own with a solo album somewhat appropriately called Flamingo (papa likes to be noticed). While this blog is about Brandon's style, we must say, if you haven't bought this album - get it HERE. You'll be happy you did. 

Brandon's style first caught our eye when he started wearing tailored jackets by designers like Dior, D&G and others adding his unusual personal flair with hand made feather epaulettes (see above). What was first seen as a ridiculous pop culture costume quickly caught on in women's wear and was then seen on runways and at award shows all season long. It's not every day that a man set's a woman's trend. 

Brandon's midas touch seems to be taking hold yet again as images of him in the former faux pa "denim on denim", the previously pastured plaid workman shirts and even adding a more delicate touch with beautiful silk scarves tucked into the collars of everyday button ups. These are items we've seen before, but what we must pay attention to is the styling. Most of these looks have historically been worn for utility with little attention to fit and color. Style is ALL ABOUT fit and color! Brandon finds a way to mix these style in a manner that says uptown without looking like he tried too hard. Take note in the images below.  The dude is incred (yes that was an abreve, it's late and we just don't have time for full words right now ;). Much love.

- brother

Note the scarf and the clean cut denim jacket

Henley, suspenders, mid-waist trousers - He's like a walking trend board and doing it well. 

My favorite trend of the season, fitted plaid shirt, open with short sleeves rolled. 

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