October 11, 2010



Okay, so not the boyfriend part. I'm happily married, people. Besides, Dan and/or Nate are far too young for me (Okay, maybe Nate). I kid. BUT I will take her luscious, enviable hair.

Bun with Straight Ponytail

Blake Lively, otherwise known as Serena Van der Woodsen, the star of Gossip Girl, has what I want... an amazingly cooperative coiffure. Sure, she has a team of hair and makeup stylists at her beck and call and a mane so thick that it rivals most thoroughbred horses, but still. Did you know that her hair is the most asked for in salons and the most googled on the web? I'm not surprised. The newest trends in fashion go hand in hand with your willingness to dare to be different. Hair included. Blake Lively does that... or at least Serena does. Try some of these amazing looks for any occasion (day or evening) and make sure to throw in the braids. They are all the rage. Happy coifing!

Braid Bow

Straight Braid

Messy Side Braid

Grecian Updo
Straight Hair Down with Loose Braid on Side, TO DIE FOR-- Love the Gown, too.
- sister

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