October 8, 2010



So, I don't like to give away too much of my personal chest of style sundries, but I get asked about this one all of the time and thought it was time to divulge.

Jessica Biel in Nars' Funny Face

My lipstick du jour, a secret no more...  Nars' Lipstick in Funny Face. The name alone makes you stand out. Nordstrom introduced me to this fine little beaut one day while shopping the Chanel bar for a better bronzer. Jessica was the makeup artist and I now owe her serious credit for not only offering me a sample in a tiny container (as they were all sold out - so telling) but for overnighting the lipstick to my home. I couldn't bare to be without this color. I had to have it and now most of you will, too. Thank you, Jessica, for opening a window of blissful, smacktastic lip stain after years of a rather unhealthy obsession to lip gloss.

Left: Mary in Nars' Funny Face; Right: Michael making a funny face.

Funny Face is a combination purple/pink with a touch of shimmer, but it is matte so it stays on for hours and looks so happy people literally stop me on the street and ask where they can get it. Funny Face will make you a believer. Trust me.

- sister

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