September 13, 2010



It aint the Oscar's, and it really shouldn't be. The Mtv VMA's are all about being irreverent, crazy, fun and young. Sure, Mtv isn't exactly the trend making juggernaut it once was(now looking more like a carefully crafted pop factory as corporate and controlled as CNN). Nevertheless, it's still a fun watch and if nothing else, the only night where hollywood takes a second to be and look ridiculous - intentionally. Below is a sampling of the "fashions" we saw on the carpet tonight and our humble take on what was the bomb dot com and what was more like the bore dot org. Enjoy! 

- brother

The Gagoosh looking faboosh in McQueen sporting a "Tommy Trojan's mentally disturbed grandmother from ancient times" ensemble. (mad props to the gaga for bringing discharged soldiers with her. Always representing!)

Lieutenant Pharrell in Nantucket's finest Military chic.

Glee's Amber Riley looks hella stupid. Yes, I said hella. Glasses, ruffles, boots? I love you girl but you are not Lourdes Leon.

Twighard Ashley Green looking smoking, but a little bore dot org. She should have painted herself blue or something. 

Bethany Frankle preparing for her Baile Folklorico performance at Chevy's later that night.

Just a couple of cool dude best friends. Pay no mind that one is 40 and the other is 12 and they both look 16. Black on black with sunglasses is such a fashion risk. 

Dane Cook. It could only get worse if he pooped his pants. Gosh. 

Jane Lynch looking positively glamorous in the Anne Taylor Swashbuckler collection. 

Porn Star Jenna Jameson pulled out all the stops with her cork platforms from spring break '95. Class act.

Snookie without the poof and the rest of the jersey bore cast. Snookie, move on to your own show, you are better than this. We would watch you do laundry. Your shoes are hot btw. 

The love child of Elvis Stojko and Bjork. 

Ke$ha wearing a trash bag dress. At least she knows her place. 

Penn Badgley thought he was going to Starbucks not the VMA's but he looks hot nonetheless. 

No idea who these people are but I want to buy their volumizer hair product. 

Robyn showed up naked with a bomber jacket.

I can see Tito Ortiz's crotch buttons. and Nicki Minaj. I got nothing left. Jetsons? 

So many options. Such a meat head... A "rare" fashion choice...Lady Raw Raw...

Think you can beat our captions? Take your best shot in the comments section below :)

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  1. No way I can beat your captions. Seriously the best post-VMA fashion rundown I have read!