September 10, 2010



Dolce & Gabbana Black Lace Bustier, Bergdorf Goodman

This is not the bustier top of yesteryear. You know, the fleshy-toned stretchy number Grandma wore underneath her cotton blouse. Nostalgia is nice, but the bustier top of 2010 isn't here to reminisce. In plaids, animal prints, black organza, navy pinstripe and freaky fuschia, this bad boy has a mind of its own and well, he loves attention. My favorite is the bustier as a separate piece because it gives you more creative license to mix and match. The bustier dress, however, is just as hot right now and everywhere. Many get nervous at the idea of this look, but don't. It's just like wearing a tank top, just a needier version. I vote for skipping the bra altogether and wearing the bustier solo, though those less in doubt (ahem) may want to double up 'cause it's kind of fun and those whose cup size spilleth over may want to add a tuxedo jacket, schoolboy blazer or chunky knit to "balance" your assets. I like to put a collared shirt underneath my pinstriped bustier and wear it like a vest. 

Dolce & Gabbana Tartan Plaid Bustier, $475 buy HERE

Stella McCartney Lace Strapless Bustier, $2,045
Loeffler Randall Bustier Dress, $475 buy HERE

Fashion Trend as Featured on Elle (Louis Vuitton, Dolce & Gabbana)
Bustier as a Vest
Bustier as an Undergarment 

Most stores are hot on this trend, but my tried and true haunts stop with Bergdorf GoodmanLa Perla, and Agent Provocateur. Every designer is making them so you can find them as reasonably or astronomically priced as you like. Just remember, you don't want something that looks too much like a brassiere. The point of the bustier is to look fashion-forward and cool, with of course an ounce or two of sex appeal. 

- sister

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