September 1, 2010



Don't worry ladies, I know what you're thinking - the leather jacket can be scary. Time and time again we watch well meaning men in the midst of a mid-life crisis running out to buy $1000.00 jackets thinking they're channeling their inner Danny Zuko while in reality they wind up resembling more of a Danny Bonaduci. Sorry Danny, but your look is busted. 

With the emergence of classic 50's style influencing everything from our shorter swim trunks this season to our slimmer ties and even eye wear, my money is on the leather jacket making a triumphant return to regular rotation in the closet of American men this fall. I have to say it, I LOVE the look. While I prefer to buy my leather vintage (why perfect perfection) there are plenty of cool new options from top designers and mid-range retailers alike. For those concerned about not wanting to wear leather (and rightfully so) there are also some great faux leather options out there too. 

How to wear it and not look like you're going to the sock hop? Jeans and a white t-shirt are always classic, but if you go that route, don't take it over the top by greasing your hair and wearing white socks. The jacket should be fitted. Pick lots of bells and whistles or none at all, but the jacket should hug your body. You should feel the fabric. If you are a large man with a big belly, sorry, don't do the leather jacket until you loose the ponch (you'll just look bigger than you are, and sad). For those with at least a semblance of a waist - pair it with your favorite jeans and t-shirt or over a white collared shirt and neutral tie. The leather jacket is meant to be thrown on as you're running out the door. Don't over think it. Some inspiration below. Enjoy. 

- brother

Zip it up over a collared shirt for a tailored evening look. 

Throw on a hoodie or an unbuttoned flannel to give a layered and comfortable look. 

$695.00 at Diesel

$4,755.00 Balmain Perfecto Jacket at Barney's  

Zara has several leather and faux leather options all under $200.00

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