September 3, 2010


Spiral flower headband/ear warmers - Buy HERE


I'm in full fledge Fall preparation mode. I love the summer sun, but something about Fall makes me really happy. As a style geek, I much prefer the layered bohemian flavor of fall fashion to the skin and sin barely-there aesthetic of summer. Fall is like the best of both worlds, still nice enough to bike around town on a lazy Saturday, and cool enough to light an occasional fire and cozy up under a blanket. If I had to pick one image that I'm most longing for next season, it's the knit warmth of those grandma blankets we all bust out come October 1. 

If you know how my mind works, then you know that first I thought about blankets and whether I had sufficient stock for the house. Next my mind went to scarves and beenies and then side tracked over to the possibility of teaching myself to knit this year (30 minutes of you tube tutorials later I decided there was no possibility). Then, and finally, I got my A.D.D. brain focused enough to start combing the mean streets of What I found was hundreds, maybe even thousands of awesome manefestations of that comfy grandma blanket in the forms of head bands, cowls and other unusual knit treats. Who knew that grandma blanket could be so fashionable?! Pair any of these goodies with jeans and a tshirt and you will be the envy of town. Consider me fully ready to cozy up. Here is some of what I found - go get em!

Forest Green Cowl - Buy HERE

A scandalous little lady cowl in charcoal - Buy HERE

Sweet pea hand knit bow headband - Buy HERE

... and last but certainly not least...

THE BEARDED BEANY! (and yes I did buy one of these). You can too, HERE

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