September 17, 2010


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For some of you this isn't going to be easy. About five years ago we all had to be convinced by those metrosexual trumpeters that the V-neck t-shirt was the standard in men's leisure wear. We were used to our default crew neck T-shirts or on fancier nights a polo, but the thought of a fitted v-neck showing off our puffed up pecks for all the world to see, well, it seemed a little, um, gay. Oh how time has healed all concern. With the rise in the coifed and beautified man, the slightly too tight v-neck has taken it's place as the go-to shirt for men of all shapes, sizes and preferences. It was a good look, simple and clean, but as with all things that rise to popularity, there must be a fall. 

Enter our old friend the Henley. Recognized by it's button collar and seemingly more sophisticated style, the Henley hits many of the same notes that the V-neck does. It is comfortable, it looks good on any body style, it layers with blazers and sweaters beautifully, and with the right cut can show off all that hard work you've been putting in at the gym. In my opinion, it has everything the v has and then some. 

So now, take a deep breath. The 35 urban outfitters v-neck t-shirts you have accumulated over the years in every color under the rainbow are not a complete waste. I for one have been pimping out the double t-shirt look all summer and am a firm proponent of layering varied colors of t-shirts. It's a little nod to the 80's that I personally love. Get yourself a couple of 3/4 length sleeve Henley's in grey and white and layer them under your v-necks. Unbutton the collar and let the ends stick out just a little bit. It's unexpected and your friends will think you look smart and casual at the same time. You can act like it was your idea. ;) The V-neck will no doubt dominate in Sacramento for at least one more season before the trend catches on, but get yours soon and be ahead of the curve. Some of my favorites below. 

- brother

3/4 length by BDG roll the sleaves up to bicep level for a 50's throwback Buy HERE

Full sleeve Henley by J-crew, dark color can replace a button up, just wear khakis and dress shoes. Buy HERE

Charles and 1/2 scoop short sleave. The perfect short sleave version, great under a blazer too. Buy HERE

Fitted and reversible long sleeve reveals plenty without revealing anything. By Alternative Apparel. Buy HERE

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