September 16, 2010



Most people think of shorts and they think sunny weather and tank tops, but we are here to tell you with the help of a dark tight or some cable knit knee socks, you can sport the shorts throughout the colder months. My favorite version of this look is a high-waisted one and usually in tweed or wool.

Alice Ritter "Maud" Wool Chevron High-Waisted Tweed Short,  $225 buy at Bloomingdales
Fletcher by Lyell High-Waisted Short, $58 buy at Urban Outfitters
Bird by Juicy Couture High-Waisted Short, $258 buy at Shopbop

I've always been a fan of high-waisted bottoms because believe it or not, it actually serves as an optical illusion, elongating a shorter torso. Those who are afraid it will make you look wider in the waist area, need only to pick a more tailored variation of this piece. Front pockets provide a nice distraction from a healthier mid-section and the top you choose to pair with the short, also makes a big difference. If you are heavier, I would try a cotton collared blouse with a cropped chunky sweater or bolero jacket. The proportions you use are very important. You do not want a longer jacket for layering as it will make your bottom half look larger (something all body types can't afford). The collared shirt should be tucked in and the short should have a nice skinny belt to cinch the look together. Boots are also a welcome addition to this look. I prefer a lace-up short boot and some tights with socks, but riding boots are super chic and make the look a bit more sophisticated. So go on, try a new look this Fall and show the world you can deviate from your bootleg distressed denim. Men everywhere will be thanking me.

- sister

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