September 7, 2010



Haute Hippie Tank Dress with Fringe Bottom

One of my favorite dresses of all time is a Haute Hippie bohemian knit and crochet tank dress with fringe that I bought while pregnant with my third child for a vacation in Mexico. This dress was never intended for a growing belly, of any kind really, but that doesn't matter and I didn't care. Therein lies the exquisite versatility of this brand. The dress was beautiful and sexy and hugged my curves like a good boyfriend and well, it didn't involve a massive elastic maternity band of any sort, which made me insanely happy. It was during my third pregnancy that I was strangely and some might say, untimely introduced to HH. Nonetheless, I couldn't stop combing the stores and the internet for any and all creations born of this label. I began storing them like a bear in hibernation until my son was born. And so it began...

HH in Marie Claire, feature: Fringe
HH Gray Scarf Cardigan
HH Fedra Dress buy HERE

I've purchased so many HH items, I've lost count. We all know what that means. I'm addicted. Their gold beaded mini skirt is another personal favorite and one I wore to a Jay Z concert this year. Is it a surprise that I also ran into Paris Hilton and managed to get a photo of her with our entourage that night? I like to think it was the fabulous skirt, but I digress... HH brings out the hippie in everyone, but less organically than say a hemp knit sweater. This hippie is a more sophisticated species and will have you boasting about your flower child within in no time. She's that friend who wears argyle socks, but pairs them with a killer Louboutin boot. We all have a little of her in us. Check out our friends at Madam Butterfly in the coming weeks, they will be carrying all of the must have's from HH's Fall 2010 collection.  Peace, love, now go shop.

- sister

Haute Hippie Crochet Maxi Dress and my haute hubby
Paris Hilton in a full sprint. Me, in a Haute Hippie Antique Gold Mini Skirt.

Closer View of Haute Hippie Antique Gold Mini Skirt

Haute Hippie Fall 2010 Collection

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