September 7, 2010



We are here to introduce you to Loup, Danielle Ribner's tennis line. I grew up playing tennis and well, let's just say I wish the all-girls' catholic preparatory school tennis uniform I wore in the 90s had this kind of swagger. Ribner's line, while different and at times a bit daring, is perfect for the avid tennis player and humorously just as perfect for the "tennis player" that just likes to show up at the country club for her mimosa looking like she's going to play a match, but actually has no intention of doing so. You so know who you are... 

Danielle Ribner and I had an opportunity to chat about her plans for her company. Check out our exclusive on the soon-to-be-uber-famous designer and make sure you remember, we told you she'd be big!

MK: When did you know you wanted to be a fashion designer? What steps did you take to follow your dream? 
DR: I always loved fashion and clothing and would constantly day dream about how I would dress myself, other people and celebrities if I had all the options in the world. After college I decided to move to New York and attend Parsons School of Design for fashion design and really put my day dreams to the test. After school and working in design for a few years, I thought it was time to take a risk and start my own line with my own vision. 

MK: Who is/was your inspiration?
DR: My inspiration for Loup was really to create clothing for the modern girl who is active and energetic but wanted something feminine and easy. I constantly turn to movies, music and icons like Charlotte Rampling and Gina Rowlands to get inspired for new seasons.  

MK: You are designing tennis clothing. How exactly did that come about? Where did the name come from?
DR: One of my favorite activities is watching tennis and dreaming up outfits the women playing could wear and it always seemed like a good niche to focus on when I started a brand. There are so many women who want to be comfortable while being active but don't want to give up their personal style. Growing up my family nickname was Lou, and in French "Loup" is a feminine word that means wolf and is pronounced as "Lou" so it all just sort of fit in with what I wanted the brand to be - strong, feminine and worldly.   

MK: What is different about sportswear that aspiring designers everywhere need to know?
DR: Sportswear really needs to be functional and easy to care for, so there is always that challenge of taking a creative idea and making it really wearable in reality. Luckily, I found an amazing fabric mill that helps me develop silky soft easy care fabrics that feel luxurious but perform like the best activewear. 

MK: Where can we get your fabulous stuff? 
DR: You can buy Loup at our store at, but it's also carried in boutiques around the country like Envy in San Diego and Westport Workout Wear in Connecticut.  

MK: Do you ever dream of expanding the line and seguing into other fashion genres? 
DR: I am definitely expanding the line because of all the requests from stores and customers to make more garments for everyday wear. For Spring/Summer 2011 we're adding more dresses and separates that are made from easy care fabrics that look and feel like silk and are feminine, flattering and can be worn from everything from tennis to a night out!  

MK: At the end of the day, what do you hope to accomplish from your design work? Any big plans in the near future?
DR: Designing is such a great creative outlet, but it also really helps me get to know the customers, wholesale businesses and marketing world. I'm hoping to take all this experience and build a strong brand and a work environment that allows creativity to flourish while helping the business grow.

DR: One of the most exciting parts about growing a brand is collaborating with other artists and marketing ventures. In the near future, Loup is collaborating with photographers, graphic designers and illustrators to create some really exciting projects!  

- sister

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