March 24, 2011



The ever brazen and bold knitwear design label Sibling (I know I know, brazen and knitwear in the same sentence  is a bit ridiculous) are taking us on one big drunken pub crawl through East London for their Autumn Winter collection appropriately called "Darn the Boozer". Found in their line are looks inspired by iconic pubs The Golden Heart, The Bricklayers Arms, The Red Lion and George and Dragon. Why are English bar names always way cooler than american bars? 

Anyway, you can see the blatant references in pub insignias and other depictions of the dragons and lions and also in a bit more subtle ways with knight-like shoulder pads over chain mail resembling sweaters and cigarette crossbones. By subtle I mean not at all.  It's basically a drunken haze, the result of which is a kitchy and cool line that I would definitely wear. Honestly, I would rock practically everything in this line. Check out the look book below and when you're ready to have a little fun and shop hit up their site HERE

- brother

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