March 17, 2011



A little background. I wear jeans and I wear slacks. When I'm not working I love the comfort of a good pair of jeans and like that I can rely on the fact that the more I wear them, the better they will fit.  At work I wear trousers tailored to fit my body. I pay for this luxury, but it's a necessity. Here's the deal, I like most men am not built like the models most clothes are made for. While I'm 6 feet tall I wear a size 30" inseam, which if you don't know men's measurements, is essentially the legs of a 9 year old boy attached to the torso of a giraffe. My siblings called me torso-man growing up - I'm not kidding - it's the source of a great deal of pain ; ). Not only did pants never quite fit, my shirts regularly wound up resembling the crop t-shirts Britney Spears wears on tour. It's a hard knock life.

Needless to say, I've worked my way around this reality wearing malleable pant options like jeans and trousers and avoiding more fit rigid apparel like khakis and chinos. This year, the year of freedom, I decided to embark on a search for a pair of pants that not only fit a shorter legged guy in length, but also offered a slim fit option for an athletic guy with tree trunk thighs. I searched far and wide, trying on and even buying pants by everyone from John Varvatos to Band of Outsiders, to even trying to have a pair I found on altered to fit. Nothing, and I do mean nothing has quite worked. A few days ago I was at the Downtown Mall after the gym and slipped into a store that I can honestly say I have never entered. I saw a pair of simple, well constructed, slim fit and delicately washed chinos lined up on the front display. I grabbed a few pairs and went to the fitting room. Minutes later, I couldn't believe it, but my search was over. I had found the perfect pair of chinos at - wait for it - American Eagle! I know. It's hard for me to write down, let alone admit, but seriously - these pants are perfect. They are casual but not destructed. They taper but not too much, feature slant and coin pockets and come in a variety of vintage washes. All this and they were only $49.50! CRAZY TALK. Needless to say I bought three colors and am prepared to wear them like this all summer long:

Check out images of these perfectly casual pants below and visit American Eagle online or in store to get your own. I can't guarantee they will fit everyone, but at this price, it's worth a shot. 

The distressed hem gives them a perfect lived in feel.

Room in the seat without compromising the slim fit through the thigh.

Reinforced stitching a surprisingly heavy gauge hardware. 

Comes in Nantucket Red, Blue, Olive and Khaki.

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