February 16, 2011



We all know Tommy. It's one of the most well known and identifiable brands in fashion that has taken American prep sportswear to the masses in a big way. While it is completely fair to say that Tommy is one of the defining designers of the collegiate prep look - it would also be fair to say that he has more or less been dressing the same guy all of these years. The Tommy guy of the last 25 has always been that BMOC (big man on campus) perfectly coifed sportsman from somewhere in the North east - always following the rules and indubitably winning at the game of life. This year, Tommy seems to be bringing a whole new friend to the runways of New York. This guy is what Mr. Hilfiger himself describes as "indie prep" - what happens when you combine an indie rocker and a prep kid. The new Tommy guy seems to be that kid on the fringes, the one that is probably smoking a cigarette in the bathroom and who doesn't quite understand the appealing of following the rules. 

Let me just say that I wholly appreciate this change in the Hilfiger look and think that with this new focus the brand appears to have slammed the nail on the head as far as what is fresh and current in mens fashion today. With practically every designer under the sun jumping on the "american prep" bandwagon lately it is particularly exciting to see one of the pioneers of this genre pushing the envelope and taking us in a more current and significantly more interesting direction. His classic cardigans, blazers and loafers are all still there, but this time updated through vibrant color choices and closer and more slim focused tailoring. The feel is more skinny rocker than beefy athlete with exciting details like shearling collars and blue patent leather lapels found layered with military inspired top coats and exaggerated turtle necks. Tommy is at the top of his game and 25 years later proving that these new kids have a long way to go before they can top his taste making pedigree. Buy and check him out HERE

- brother

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