February 4, 2011



Edwin is one of my favorite brands that is near impossible to find in the US. So, to begin, if you so feel inspired to buy some of their loot head online HERE or maybe even try HERE. This post on the other hand is all about their 2011 look book, which isn't quite yet in stores. If you want to learn all about this brand and keep an eye out for what stores will be carrying the line, keep up with Edwin HERE

So now, business out of the way, on to the matter at hand. Edwin is known for it's Denim obviously, every year seaming to be the first to start a new wash, technique, gauge etc that ultimately winds up at every brand on earth. In the world of the old blues, Edwin is a trail blazer. While the looks below are pretty expectedly full of chambray and heavy denim, they are also branching out into more women's wear than ever and even - gasp stripes! I joke, but in all seriousness this quality and simplicity oriented brand is really going out on a limb in comparison to seasons past. I see quite a few things I would buy and am obsessed with the overalls for women. Super cute for spring. Mikey likey - now Edwin - if you're listening, please for the love of beezus open a store in the US. 

- brother

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