January 11, 2011



I love a good man bag. No, I'm not talking about a murse - you know, those lady like satchels that the Euros tote around everywhere. In America men need a caddy for several different situations. Whether it is a structured brief case for work or an elaborate trunk to store your prized record collection - the way we choose to carry our things often says more about us than the things we're carrying inside. I have gone on a hunt to find some of my favorite man bags for every situation from the board room to the gym.  Also, for those of you Louis lovers check the video below for a peak at a great book featuring some of the most insanely beautiful trunks over the last 100 years. 

- brother

Let's start small with this textured leather attache by Coach. $598.00. Perfectly simple and masculine. If you wear a suit or something similar to work, leave the shoulder strap to the college kids. Messenger bags are great, but they aren't for the dapper business man. 

Few people make sport luggage as well as Fred Perry. This contrast Barrel bag in black and gold is the quintessential sportsman's companion at 40.00 euros. Perfectly sized for an extra set of clothes and shoes - and made from synthetic leather for that perfect worn in look without the real wear. 

The weekender bag is an important piece of luggage for every man - especially those of us with a business travel account. I love this Zegna duffel because of it's versatility. With multiple compartments, external pockets and combined leather and tech materials - this weekender can take just about anything and still look good. $700.00

Last but not least -  enter king louis. Nobody does a traditional trunk like Louis Vuitton and this vintage steamer has out of control character. I would love to have one of these in my house, but at $36,500.00 let's just say it's more of an "aspirational" piece for me. ;) If you come from a bit more means than I do - find this beauty HERE

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