December 22, 2010



The Tube Wringer!!!

This ridiculous product is actually kind of awesome and useful. If someone gave me this I would probably laugh out loud and then use it for 30 years.  Get one HERE

Like & Dislike Stamps!!!

I can be guilty of thinking of things in pretty black and white terms. People are either good people or bad people. Diet soda isn't bad for you - it kills. Dolly Parton is the most beautiful human being to walk the earth - period. These are the things I know. So, for me, the idea of having a like or dislike stamp in which I can verify officially the things of which I approve and despise is positively the cats pajamas. Add to this the fact that they are supe dupe cheap and I'm sold. Get them HERE.

Zegna & Duchamp Ties!!!

Jungle Blaze by Duchamp

Chic Paisley by Duchamp

Muted Polkadot by Zegna

Multi-stripe by Zegna

As a "business man" I am stuck wearing a suit and tie every day. What is more, is that I have to wear a very specific and traditional type of suit every day. I can't deviate from the dark color scheme, must wear two or three button jackets and cannot accessories with hats, vests or sweaters. I know, it's horrible, but don't cry for me Argentina - What this means is that I simply must try harder and learn to harness my creative flow into the form of one powerfully punchy neck tie. Without my tie i would be effectively naked and therefore unprofessional (at least in my profession ;) . Seeing as this is my reality I have as a result become a complete and utter tie snob. These are my two favorite Tie makers: Duchamp and Ermenegildo Zegna. They each represent different modes for me. A Duchamp tie is for fun - you wear it when you are feeling sassy, upbeat and ready to hit the town after work. Zegna on the other hand is sophistication at it's finest. His looks range from classic Italian family man to modern collegiate. Both make ties that are perfectly sized - not too thick, not too thin, and that hold up significantly longer than most any other ties I have bought. Stuff one of these in a stocking this x-mas and your man will be sure to thank you. 

Kiehls - Life Saving Shaving Products!!!
Ultimate Brushless Shaving Cream - the BEST product on the market - hands down. 

Facial Fuel by Kiehls - Jolt out of bed in the morning with this one. 

For years I lived with turkey neck. That uncomfortable plucked chicken looking, razor burn pink and bumpy neck cause by men of European descent being forced to shave on a daily basis. Here's the deal - I am a hairy guy. Most dudes get five o'clock shadow, I get three O'clock shadow and can grow a full beard in under 3 days. I would be proud of this fact if it weren't for the reality that I have to shave my man mask off every morning before work. Having a thick black beard means that my face can be easily irritated. I went for years battling the pain with all kinds of oils, creams, triple and quadruple blade razors and more. Nothing ever worked. Finally, a year ago I decided to try Kiehls Ultimate Brushless Shave Cream called Blue Eagle. I have never turned back. This product is simply amazing. The balance of oils and balm allow the hairs to raise without the skin also raising. What happens is that a man can shave without cutting himself and without irritating his skin. The cooling balm in this cream then leaves a moisturizing layer after rinsing that both feels fresh and also helps the skin to recover. I haven't had a bump since I started with this cream. In addition to using the Blue Eagle I also use another Kiehls product called Facial Fuel which is a face wash that also contains a bit of caffeine. The result is a rejuvenating wash that preps the face for a close shave and doesn't dry you out. Since I am at the office working by 7am every day, I truly value the instant charge this product gives me first thing in the morning. I buy both products at the Face & Body Emporium on Folsom Blvd but they can also be found at many local retailers and online

So there you have it, three days of this years favorite things. I hope this helped with your last minute holiday shopping!

- brother

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  1. If I had one of those stamps, I'd stamp you "like"