December 21, 2010



ION USB Turntable!

I love my macbook and my ipod and my iphone and I covet the ipad. I'm a mac junky - plain and simple. While I like to believe I live on the cutting edge I also love a little retro comfort around my house and in my style identity. With that desire to keep it old school has come this desire to drag out those boxes of old albums from my parents attick (think three dog night and janice joplin) and get them spinning me into a deeper level of cool. One problem - finding a descent record player is about as easy as finding a T-rex fossil these days. While I would just got to a vintage store or a pawn shop, the classic players aren't compatible with my modern electronic lifestyle. Enter the Ion USB portable Turntable. This thing is sickness. Not only will it play your old records seamlessly, it also will grab the songs from your vinyl and pass them to your computer via your USB port so that you can make a playlist of your favorite jams on iTunes. Pretty sweet right? I think the coolest part about it is that in transfering songs to the computer that unmistakable grainy feel of vinyl is left in tact. The Ion allows old to meet new without loosing that sense of cool. Buy it HERE for only $140.00 bucks. 

COLEMAN Soft Shell Roller Cooler!

Do I really have to explain why this is on my list? Concerts, games, backyard parties - a walk around the block - seriously I would roll this thing everywhere I go. As far as I'm concerned a soft bodied roller cooler is the greatest man invention ever made. Every man deserves one of these - and at $39.99 from Coleman - any man can. 

SOLE' Fixie / Single Speed Bike!

I kind of don't want to share this with you guys because this has been an obsession of mine for several months now and the few (3 or 4) people I've shown these to have all resolved to buy one for themselves! I know I know, the snoberific viewpoint that if other people have what I have it's no longer cool is not ok, but basically - it's the truth. That being said - at the risk of turning this amazing bike uncool - I share with you the Sole' single speed/Fixie Bicycle. Isn't she beautiful? I love her clean simple lines, the well appointed proportions and the fun and fresh coloring. As a boy who loves his cruiser I have been compelled to step out of my box and onto a more complex bike. I've wanted to ride a fixie (a bike that only moves when you peddle - it gives you more control and therefore more fun to ride) or a single speed (think commuter bike that allows you to coast at a higher efficiency than a cruiser) but haven't been able to decide. The sole' bike allows the rider to switch back and forth between these two options by simply readjusting the back tire. What's more is that bikes of this style and engineering (the bike has been on all sorts of gear head websites and won a ton of accolades) is usually close to $1000.00 to buy. This bike sells only online and comes almost entirely assembled at just $310.00. I'll give you a second to catch your breath...ok, go get one - HERE

FLIP VIDEO Ultra HD Camcorder!!!

Now this isn't something new really, but it's definitely something that just makes sense and keeps getting better. In my opinion, truly great products generally do one thing really well rather than several things pretty ok. The flip is one such simple product that does exactly what it's advertised as and nothing more or less. This little gadget allows you to shoot quick and easy video and upload it to your computer in seconds in a format that is easy to share and view on almost any format. That's it. The flip can't compare to cinematography quality HD Handy Cams or SLR cameras. It doesn't claim to be some super duper fancy tool. This thing is made for people like me who want to capture memories with family and friends and don't want to have to read a 50 page manual or carry around a 20 pound accessories bag to do it. This is the busy man's camera and something I totally endorse. Get yours for $200.00 or less online or at virtually any retail electronics store. 

That's it for today. Check in tomorrow for the final Favorite Things - The Little Stuff. 

- brother

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