December 8, 2010



Kate Moss. A name that certainly holds a lot of weight in the fashion world and one that definitely conjures up all sorts of images like that of a waify teenager modeling for fashion giant, Calvin Klein, and then later, in her adult life, a fashion icon, designer, model and mother (!) that no other model of our generation has been able to emulate. Of course, there's her crooked history with her ex-deadbeat-boyfriend, Pete Doperty (Doherty), and a slew of drug abuse and shame. All of these images, regardless how dark, build a character that we have come to know, understand, appreciate and imitate in the fashion world. Even after her traumatic and rather public drug expose`, she maintained contracts with some of the largest beauty and fashion houses in the world. Maybe because like any major style icon, it would be a shame to cast her talent and her beauty away over something that might have spiraled her out of control and made her someone she wished not to be. Maybe? Whatever the reason, she still stands. Tall, mighty, beautiful and well, quite possibly the style icon of our generation.

Some might know of her venture with TopShop (if you don't, where have you been?). She just recently announced her departure from the uber cool and reasonably-priced store. Her designs couldn't stay on the shelves at TopShop and there's good reason, they were unbelievably amazing and oozed that urban, bohemian chic look Kate does so well. Such a huge loss for the store, but 13 years and a ton of cash later, Kate is smart to move on. Her next venture? Something big, no doubt. 

Take a cue from Kate and follow her cardinal, style rules as outlined (abbreviated version) from Glamour magazine: 

  • Be spontaneous.  No need to plan your outfit the day before.
  • Comfort is the key.
  • Be patient while shopping especially sifting through vintage clothes.
  • Choose a classic animal print bag (her own Longchamp zebra bag would be perfect).
  • Chandelier earrings add a dash of sophistication & glamour.
  • Hats are fashion essentials particularly fedoras.
  • Go for pirate boots - a touch of punk rock attitude is a cool look.
  • Bracelets are a great finishing touch to an outfit.
  • Can’t go wrong with skinny jeans.
  • Retro shades are timeless.
  • Shrunken blazers or cropped jackets are so chic.
Don't just take notes, people... do it. I'm serious. Kate has spoken.

- sister

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