December 20, 2010


Sorry Dad. ;)


With Christmas just days away I am sure there are at least a few of you, like me, in complete desperation to find those last minute gifts you still haven't found. SO, for the next couple days I am going to reveal my favorite things in three simple Categories - The Staples, The Gadgets and The Little Things. There are so many items to highlight out there - but these are just a few of the items I genuinely use or desperately want to use ;).  

Disclosure - many of these items do not fit into our "fashion only" dialogue, but for this occasion, since fashion isn't technically everything, I am going to take a few days to offer up my favorite things this season - fashion or otherwise. 

Moleskin Covers & Books

If you know me in a professional setting you know that I am always accompanied by a simple black book. It's omnipresence has lead some to believe that either I sell bibles for a living or that I'm simply a late bloomer finally getting his Mormon mission out of the way. The truth however is that I can sometimes be forgetful - Damn those wild college years! In an effort to combat that little plague of mine I have taken to writing myself notes, daily to do lists, keeping a written calendar and even drawing pictures. Sure, you can do all of these things on an iphone, but what do you do when you are on a conference call on said phone and just agreed to 15 different tasks that all need to be done by Friday? You write it down! Needless to say, I will continue to buy my little black moleskin books (occassionally in red too - when I'm feeling sassy), but lately my eye has been coveting their latest sleek little package designed just for my gadgets. A lot of designers make digital pocketbooks, but none do it with the style and classic feel that my beloved Moleskin does. Buy me one HERE :).  

The Three Wise Men Of Sunglasses

My beloved Wayfarers

I am VERY particular about my sunglasses. The reason is that sunglasses fall into a category of uniform for me, not unlike my belts, dress shirts and even dress shoes. These are items that I insist perform well every single time I wear them. For that reason I simply can't participate in the buy a million sunglasses and switch them out daily routine that has become the norm in modern society. For me, I have one or two pairs of perfect sunglasses and I wear them until I loose them. One pair is reserved at all times for my classic wayfarer raybans. These are quite simply the perfect pair of sunglasses for their day to night versatility and their virtual indestructibility. 

The Riley 48 by Oliver Peoples

This season I have my eye on another classic to join the ranks of my beloved wayfarer - her name - the Riley 48 by the incomparable Oliver Peoples. His designs have been worn by every celebrity from Johnny Depp to Robert Redford and look good on practically everyone. I love their throwback sensibility and at $223.00 they are definitely worth every penny. 

The Persol 0649 made famous by Steve McQueen

If we are listing the all time greats, then I absolutely have to give love to the third of my perfect sunglasses, the Persol 649. I like them in classic glossy black, but they have been made famous by Steve Mcqueen in their brown and tortoise shell versions. No matter how you where them you really can't go wrong. With their flex frame and bridge, no other sunglasses come close when it comes to comfort. Persol is unquestionably Italian design at its best. You can buy them online or at your local J Crew for $310.00. 

The Man Scarf!

Washington's Carriage By Hermes

The Ultra Thin Ethereal - by Zuzunga

So this third "staple" in my arsenal might come as a surprise. I get it, how is a woman's scarf a man's staple? Well, men wear lots of things that are a little strange. Can we talk about neck ties? What is the point of that? And how about pocket squares...really? Are you blowing your nose with that? I hope not. These little accessories are considered staples because they are an outlet for men to show a little color both literally and figuratively. As men we often get shoved into these style boxes forced to either wear a) a suit every day b) slacks and a button up / polo or c) jeans and a t-shirt. These are the three men's uniforms of western society. Without our ties, hats, pocket squares etc, we basically look like we're walking zombies. One such life adjusting accessory that often gets over looked and is much more difficult to find is the oversized colorful silk scarf. It has no purpose other than to "jazz things up" over a mans shoulders, tied in a not or shoved in a back pocket, but isn't "jazzing things up" point enough? Vintage stores and even fabric stores are great places to scope out a one of a kind specimen, but in the interest of time and the classics, the Hermes Cashmere and Silk Shawl at 56" by 56" is the perfect choice for the modern dude about town. This Washington's carriage version in pink purple blue and gold is my personal favorite. I have also gained an obsession with the ethereal quality of these scarves intended for menswear by the master pattern designer Christian Zuzunga whose furniture and design work I've followed for years. I would wear either style with a suit and no tie or just knotted loosely hanging around my neck. However they are worn they look cool and unlike any of the other office drones in town. 

That's it for today. Check in tomorrow for the hottest Gadgets!

- brother 

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