November 29, 2010



I, like so many mothers, try very hard to make my household green. We eat almost all organic, locally grown foods, we diaper our children in earth-friendly diapers and pull-ups and all of our household cleaners, down to our mop and spray, are enviro-approved. Why, then, did it seem as though I couldn't manage to find a line of children's clothing that meets my standards both environmentally and fashionably? Our friends, Kathryn and Toria at Koukla Kids, met my pestering plea with a clothing line that falls into the top 10 category of my favorite children designers. I do not tell a lie. Meet Morris & Terry.

This stuff is not only made from organic materials, but it looks good. How sweet are these clam diggers (above right) and vests? I particularly love the hat. I also love that their stuff is found in muted colors like camel, gray and baby blue, bringing it back to earth and all things good, while providing a palette that provides an opportunity for dramatic accessorizing. 

Sweet ties and grandfather sweaters for your little one with hand-sewn buttons and detailed stitching make this line incredibly unique and somewhat reminiscent of our own childhood (you know, the one where Grandma actually made you Christmas sweaters). Morris & Terry is beautifully and wonderfully and sustainably made. My prayers have been answered. Thankfully, one doesn't have to travel far to find these goodies... Check out Koukla Kids on J Street for some of these looks.

Thanks, Morris & Terry for your creative genius. Mother Earth and Mother Mary thank you. :)

- sister

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  1. Agreed, Morris and Terry is a great clothing line! Their clothes are not only super cute and comfy, but sustainable!...if only they made those hats for adults as well. :-).