November 10, 2010



Not enough people read anymore. It's sad really. We spend countless hours watching the Real Housewives throw shoes at each other and record songs about being "tardy for the party", but few of us take the time to pick up a book and escape the old fashioned way. When I was a kid, books were my favorite pastime, learning from Holden Caulfield the beauty of moving to my own beat, from Travels with Charlie the importance of going things alone sometimes and listening, and from David Sedaris the sheer joy of laughing out loud at your own ridiculousness. For me, these written word all stars were my Rock Stars. Forget the Guns and Roses T-shirts my buddies in High School were wearing, the true sign of a kid "raging against the machine" would have actually been an Ill fitting T-shirt featuring the bloated face of David Foster Wallace or even, gasp, Capote.

Finally my friends, my day has come and a certain fashion- do-gooder company called Out of Print has answered my call to be cool for once in my life. Introducing the Rock N Read T shirt collection. They make all kinds of options for men women and children. They offer short and long sleeves, varied sizes and fabrics and even sweatshirts. 

As if this weren't enough reason to get a couple for those lounge around the house days or even a night out in midtown, Out Of Print also gives one book to Books for Africa for every single T-shirt they sell. Buy a shirt, give a book. It's that simple. How could you go wrong? Check out some of my faves below and get as many as you can at their store HERE.   

- brother

Girls Pride and Prejudice

Unisex Animal Farm

Catcher in the Rye boys Sweatshirt

Walden T 

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