October 12, 2010



Alexa Chung for H&M, Sequined Leggings $189
The more bedazzle, the better. Wool-lined with crazy prints, leather with studs, gold brocade, shiny sequins and even feathers, this season's legging is off the hook. The crazier, the better. Pair it with an asymmetrical top, a leather jacket and some killer lace-up booties and your look is complete.

Alexander McQueen, $695

Alexander McQueen, $1,020

Sass and Bide, $340
The above leggings all found at 
Leggings are the most forgiving pant a girl could wear because almost every pair contains lycra and/or spandex. The legging you purchase, however, needs to be quality so avoid being lazy in your search for the perfect pair. Cheap doesn't equal good, most of the time. You want a pair that looks thick and has texture and one that sucks whatever junk in the trunk you have right in. Pregnant women everywhere should make this a staple, especially in the later months of pregnancy. Post-pregnancy is great, too. I wore leather leggings in my pregnancy shots with my third child. Swear.

Mary wearing Juicy Couture Faux Leather Leggings

 Every body type can do this look. All you need is a longer top to cover your derriere and layer with some cropped jackets or a longer cardigan.

Pencey, $132
Perfect Asymmetrical Top, Ace Delivery, $225 buy HERE
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