October 19, 2010



If Grease 2 didn't inspire you, then I don't know what will. Red, White and Blue inspires me in many ways, even in the way I dress. Americana chic, as I like to call it, was displayed on the runways and in the fashion look books of many this season, but probably best represented by our country fashion design heroes like Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger. Though Moschino, Balmain and other European designers touched down on American fashion soil, too. Red and white stripes mixed with black and navy, all white ensembles for Spring, baby blue capes laced in creams and whites, cable knit sweaters and red pants. Patriotic colors are ringing true from Fall to Spring runway shows.
Ralph Lauren Big Pony Rugby Dress, On Sale $79

Tommy Hilfiger Winter 2011 Campaign
How amazing is the above Tommy Hilfiger ad? I want to be a part of this family. Don't you? So Hamptons-esque and cleverly styled. Chic, classic and yet edgy and cool at the same time. No easy feat.

Above and Below:
Ralph Lauren Spring 2011; touches of whites and baby blues. The above cape is to die for. 

One Vintage, Lilli Dress, $1,405 at Netaporter
Try a vintage Americana halter dress like this one from One Vintage. Amazing on and killer with a fur or leather jacket and some over the knee boots.

Moschino Americana Chic
 Love the cowboy chic runway stomp Moschino showed in their Spring 2011 shows. Polka dots, stripes, cowboy hats, thick head scarves... I can't wait to wear it all! Notice the high buns the models are sporting. This look is very cool this Spring.

Pleasure Doing Business Woven Navy Pinstripe Mini Skirt, ON SALE $92.40 buy HERE
I absolutely love this skirt. I have it in black and white and well, now I need it in navy and white.

Balmain Americana Chic -
Love this bedazzled red jacket. Love the whole look, actually.
No matter what anyone says, red, white and blue can be worn through the seasons, mixed and matched, separate or altogether. It certainly isn't limited to the Fourth of July. So, please for the love of GOD, get that out of your head. It is everywhere and during a time when our country could use a boost or two, let's show our pride.

- sister

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