October 18, 2010


Fenton/Fallon for J.Crew Piano Cuff, $115

I go through phases, it's true. Granted, most of the phases involve me wearing probably too many pieces at one time. I like to blame it on my Italian heritage. My grandmother was notorious for her multitude of bold, ecclectic and costumed jewelry... And her painted nails. I can't help but imitate her style even today. Sometimes I wear two or three necklaces of different metals and lengths with a pair or two of earrings (diamonds, usually) and at least three rings on my two hands (all of which were gifted to me by my husband), my left wrist will forever be bonded by my Cartier love bracelet and Santos watch. It's just how it is. That being said, there's always room for one more piece and I have fallen in love with this season's newest jewelry muse... the cuff. 

Anthropologie Falling Coins Cuff, $330

Aurelie Bidermann gold-dipped lace cuff, $1.890 at Netaporter
 Wear it by itself or pile it on with bangles and your everyday jewelry (that's how I do). It can be your statement piece for a cocktail party (you can even wear two) or wear it with jeans and a vintage tshirt. I love the vintage vibe most cuffs bring to the table. The bigger the cuff, the better, in my opinion. I like it to take up a large portion of the forearm. If not, add another bracelet or two... consider it fashion armor.
Dannijo "Chloe" Cuff, $270 at Dannijo

Bone Cuff with 18K Swirl Accent Handcrafted by Hand in Africa by the House of Shampole, buy at Hamilton Jeweler

Beaded and Bolted Cuffs, Target

Remember to be picky and choose a cuff with lots of detail. If you can find a consignment piece, even better. You want the cuff to tell a story, even if you picked it up at Target for $15. Price doesn't matter. It needs to look different and stand out. 

Miz Tyra Banks and Demi Moore in double cuffs.

So go get cuffed and taken away to a glamorous, glamorous place.

- sister

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