October 25, 2010



Sure, not everyone can pull off a super short coif, but girl, if you've got the ability to do it, do it. It's so amazingly chic and shows everyone around you how confident you are and how you're ready to conquer the world.

Model Agyness Deyn

Take my friend Chrisa, for instance, beautiful mother of two, owner of Pappas Investments and fashionista extraordinaire all balled into one. When I met Chrisa in high school, she had long, luscious brunette locks (the enviable kind), but I have to say, when she decided to crop her hair into a short, layered pixie my jaw dropped in utter envy. She looks gorgeous. It opens her face for sunshine and makes her eyes and lips pop (her Greek heritage certainly helps, but still). It also makes her look powerful, astute and in charge. Wouldn't we all like to play that part? I sure would. One of my best friends from college and roommate in San Francisco, Erika (also a mother of two) has had a pixie cut for about a decade. She'll never turn back to her long locks and why would she? She looks a-maz-ing and free as a bird. This is THE hot trend in hair for Winter 2011, folks. Gets to cuttin'...

Chrisa Pappas Sioukas' Fashion Gives Back Modeling Shot
Hair courtesy of Heath Hamilton at Coif Salon
Chrisa and her husband, Dean, at Neo Crocker. Tres Chic.
Erika in her adorable pixie with her boys.
Me (pregnant- what's new?) and one of my best friends, Erika. She epitomizes the Pixie Girl. Strong-minded, smart, beautiful and doesn't give a WHAT. 
Hair courtesy of Melissa Grace at Salon 359 in Newport Beach, California.

- sister

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