September 8, 2010



Sportswear has always presented somewhat of a challenging fashion dilemma for women. I know, some of you could care less about what you wear to the gym (sigh). Then there's the rest of us who try very hard to look sporty and cool without looking like--oh, the shame-- we took time putting our look together. Effortless workout chic is harder to accomplish than what might think without some essential items. 

We've all seen it, the circa 1990 soccer short that you wore to your high school tryouts and that God-awful stained, oversized t-shirt (branded by some obscure university) you probably held onto after your last breakup from that reprehensible chap who stole your heart. I'm here to tell you, it doesn't have to be this way. Save the t-shirt that still smells like him for, oh I don't know, waxing your car. Please also burn the soccer shorts as they are notorious for unintended flashing, which provided fodder for every high school boy I've ever known and put a little dough into some key workout pieces. A stylish workout wardrobe will pay you back in dividends, giving you that added incentive to hit the gym or, like me, just look like you did.
  • Shakti Activewear is one of my personal favorite online shopping stops for really cool women's active/yoga wear. I own their olive green cutout biker shorts and their cross back tanks literally every other day. They are comfortable and incredibly stylish. They may have been intended for yoga practice (I swear someday I will go back), but I wear them no matter what the occasion. Namaste.

Shakti Vest Tank Top, Red $48.95

Shakti Fold Over Short, $41.95

  • Then there's my tried and true, Stella McCartney for Adidas. I mean, of course she has the most amazingly designed workout clothes out there. Stella's sportswear is beautiful and practical. Zipped pockets and stretchy, breathable fabrics. I seriously cannot get enough.

Stella Velvet Seven-Eighth Tights,  $75
Stella Run Performance Jacket, $150
Stella Tennis Performance Dress, $150

  • Loup, which was featured here yesterday is another amazing line that makes you look chic without having to try very hard. Take your "tennis" look from day to night... with ease. I would wear these mini tennis dresses with a leather bolero out to dinner. Swear.

  • We mustn't forget about our feet now either. I love NikeiD because it allows you to design your own sneakers. This site allows you to feel like the designer you were destined to be. I have two pairs of NikeiD that I spent hours creating.  You can even personalize your sneakers with nicknames and/or catch phrases-- talk about baller, shot caller.

  • Puma is also a great sportswear designer. I love their accessories everything from gym bags and totes to the original Puma beanie and their sneakers have always been super cute and available in every vibrant color. They've also started their own customized design option. Checkity check it.

Puma Archive Beanie, $22
Puma Originals Reporter Bag, $60
Puma Vesta Running Shoes, $65

  • Of course, there are select stores here in town carrying some of the above lines (with the exception of the customized items). Nordstrom's has a wide variety of sportswear in-house, as do most department stores, though you might have to spend some time picking through to find the good stuff. Lucy in Pavilions has its own active wear (organic, too) that is incredibly versatile. 
  • Lastly, and on a styling note, I like to mix regular "street wear" with my workout pants/shorts. My personal favorite combination of this look is the vintage tee or tank. Usually a little see-through so your bright colored sports bra peeks through (though this Palmer Cash gray burnout tank shown below is perfect, too), paired with Monrow's vintage sweat pant or the Stella McCartney blue velvet workout tights as seen above. Layer with a hoodie and it's on. Effortless workout chic. 

Palmer Cash Gray Tiger Burnout Tank, $28
Monrow Vintage Sweatpants, $90 buy HERE
Now, go get your sweat on!

- sister


  1. Hi! Love the blog. Great post about workout gear and not looking frumpy at the gym. One of my fav. workout brands was left out. What about Lululemon? I know they don't have a store in Sac, but they are all over SF and other big cities and I think they are opening a store in Roseville too. Their website is great and has free shipping. They have the best tanks and pants... I mean really flattering. Don't count them out!

  2. Hi Anon! Thank you for your helpful workout insight. You are absolutely right... love Lululemon and so glad they're making their way to Sac! Yipee!