August 31, 2010



Bare legs are so Summer 2010. Bundle those gams with some thick, opaque tights in white or gray to go with everything and if you're really brave (some of you are), try deep fuschia, bright blues and greens or navy with a slouchy sock and boot or some suede pumps. Either way, and without sounding to cheeky, you'll knock their socks off.

Knee socks are just as hot this season and I'll be wearing them in heather grays and deep blues, but if you're 35 or older and lack an extraordinarily ecclectic and hip wardrobe, I'd pass on this look. 

Alexander Wang Fall 2010 Show
Of course, the lace, polk-a-dot, swirls and curls legging trend continues, but change it up with a tight instead and keep those toes warm in the process. You can see tweeds and silks in black and gray are a perfect marriage.

Tights always remind me of my Catholic school days. While there were certainly moments of inappropriate candor between myself and Sister Rita (okay, maybe just myself), I always loved the cozy feeling of my uniformed, winter tight. And hey, who can argue with the mystery a tight so elegantly provides? This trend is a perfect transition piece from Fall to Winter, allowing you to continue to wear more ethereal fabrics well into the colder months, layering on top with a faux fur or shrug, perhaps a scarf or glove? The possibilities are endless.

- sister

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