August 30, 2010



I am the mother of three. Three aged 4 and under. I love being a mom. I also love shopping for my children. I AM a stylist, after all. In my daily walk of life, I make sure to uncover every treasure for the vertically-challenged, little people in my life. We all have one child who's individual style does not coincide with our own. Make dressing them their idea and take them shopping with you. I know, sounds awful, but really if you write down what you need and have your shopping list mapped out ahead of time, it's not so bad. Consider it a bonding moment between parent and child. If you must, have a drink beforehand. I have found that when I let my kids participate, they usually surprise me with some pretty, dare I say it, fashionable choices. 

Now, here goes my (and my children's) favorite looks for the coming months: 

  • The Leg Warmer. Not exactly a new look, but one that has been updated with spectacularly colorful new prints. Very cute on the little girls and boys this season. Who says a boy can't wear tights? Pair it with a funky skirt and a ballet flat on girls and some heavier, usually tweed shorts on a boy and a loafer or tennis shoe. Huggalugs is my favorite legging designer for kids and can be found in numerous stores here in Sactown, including Goore's.


  • The Popped Collar. Yes, you read correctly. I don't care what gender, please for the love of GOD, pop that collar like it's hot. It is the cutest look for the under-4 crowd. BUT, if you absolutely cannot deal with your child turning heads like a member of the Breakfast Club, at least add a little prep in their step. I'm not saying you have to be consistent with the look, but this Fall, across the age spectrum, preppy is IN.  Crisp, collared shirts from Lacoste and Ralph Lauren, motorcycle jackets paired with ties (on little girls) or denim jackets, bouncy peasant hats with feathers, camel coats with gold buttons... back to school preparatory kiddie couture is HOT.   

Gracie Mae Kids by Brooke Govenar
  •  A Little Bling. I don't know about you, but my two daughters would love it if I allowed them to dress like Jon Benet on a daily basis. Pink and princess fabulous, those two would have me buy stock in any and all Disney Princess paraphenalia, if they had their way. That's why I, like any mother should, try desperately to introduce them to the finer pieces of the bijoux world. Enter 14 karat gold identification bracelets that can be personalized and bring meaning to my little girls' obsessions with embellishments. Subtle, but shiny and pretty and feminine. A lovely gift. 
14 Karat Gold Identification Bracelet at Love Ivy

  •  Plaids and Tweed. Boys and Girls will be sporting a glammed up lumberjack vibe this Fall through the Winter. Durable and cutting edge. Girls are in jumpers and plush sweaters and heavy coats for layering. Check out local designer, Brooke Govenar's Gracie Mae Kids for a custom-made jumper in plaid or tweed for your little girl. Boys are in big, burly hats made to cut down trees in plaids so vibrant you'll spot him across the playground with ease. Big, crinkled flannels and tweed shorts for your little man make this season SO MUCH FUN. This luxe meets practical look is hot for all ages. Why wouldn't you deck your little one out in the coolest trend? If you haven't, check out JCrew's kids' line (Crew Cuts) and get on the bus, they've got many an option in this look. 

JCrew Girls' Tweed Jacket, $225
JCrew's Cotton Shore Plaid Tie for Boys, $59.50

JCrew's Boys' Plaid Wool Trapper Hat, ON SALE $29.99

Etsy Plaid Dress by minimooh

  • Lastly, Vintage Hats. Probably my favorite look for the Kiddie Committee this Fall/Winter. I mean, seriously. Who can resist a bub in a hat, let alone one that makes he or she look like she just came back from the golf course? Berets, newsboys, skull caps, fedoras, you name it, the stores are carrying it. Try the local boutiques here in town first, like one of our neighborhood stops, Koukla Kids. If not, check out for some killer steals in both boys' and girls' hats and this little Boston boutique that sells online (who better than an East Coast hat shop to outfit your tot's noggin?) Little Lids.

Quicksilver hat, $28 (Zappos)

Parents, listen up, there are MANY trends out there that adults should not be caught dead in, but ironically, look darling on your children. For example, rhinestone jeans and sequin berets. Please, for the love of God, do not sport this look if you are over the age of 10.  Bedazzling your tots is simply not as ostentatious as it is on yourself. Let your child pick one key part of their "look" everyday and they might just surprise you, especially if it falls into any of the above categories. This will help those desperate mothers out there, myself included, avoid Jon Benet, Jersey Shore lookalikes. Happy shopping!

- sister

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