August 30, 2010



As a personal stylist, I get asked the following question a lot, "How do I dress my age?" One must handle this answer with a delicate and steady hand. Never, ever imply that someone is old or even older than a given look they might be eyeing or in many cases, buying. Never, ever imply that they have poor judgement (even if they're 45 and sporting a pleather mini with crocodile pumps). Delicate conversations, folks, very delicate. My response usually starts out complimentary because the truth of the matter is, most men and women do look good for their age, they just don't know exactly how to work it.... appropriately. Please do not assume fetal position on your kitchen floor quite yet. The good news is, there is ALWAYS a variation of every given trend that will fit into your closet, with style. Today, my example is the MUST HAVE for Fall 2010... the leather pant.

Helmut Lang Leather Legging, $690 at Barney's
Breathe. Some might look at this as an overstep of my styling boundaries for the female approaching her 50's, but I disagree. I believe a leather pant or, in many cases, the leather legging, is sexy on any age and get ready, any body type. The key to this look is what you pair with it. If you are 25 to 35ish you might opt for a sheer, asymmetrical knit top with a bustier underneath and a killer heel. Avoid moto boots or anything of that genre for fear of looking too Grease Lighting. You so know what I mean. You want a tunic or a long(er) sweater that still covers the majority of the behind. Unless, you're a toothpick and can afford an open target on your booty. If you're heavier on top, you want something loose, not fitted and usually in a soft, solid color. Cinch it with a studded belt or let it hang, one shoulder exposed.
25 to 35ish look: Rebecca Minkoff's Nadia Asymmetrical Sweater,  $295 at Shopbop

I promise this is totally appropriate and definitely hot.

40 and above look: Donna Karan Cashmere Polo,  $995 at Nordstrom 
Helmut Lang Jersey Leather Legging (Pre-order), $690 at Sak's Fifth Avenue
If you are 35 to 45, however, try the legging in a paneled cotton and jersey for extra stretch and depth or a lambskin pant with a bit more breathing room in the hip department versus the legging (also pictured by Helmut Lang) with a cashmere tunic in cream or eggplant or heather gray. If you're allergic to cashmere (can you even imagine?), try jersey knit or mohair. Something that falls beneath the bottom, but shows a little decolletage. Pop the collar on this Donna Karan oversized sweater from Nordstrom's and pile on the necklaces, leaving your ears bare. Totally appropriate and dare I say it, HOT.
Jodhpur's Lambskin Pant,  $1,990 at Barney's 

At the end of the day, you have to feel comfortable in what you're wearing and if leather in general makes you want to cringe (there's always the faux/vegan version- I own a pair by Alice and Olivia and they look real), don't do it. BUT, if you've been pining away, stocking mags full of "options" that you just don't think you can pull off, trust me, you can. You know where to find us.

- sister

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